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This highly professional and internationally known Welsh folk group was formed in 1976. The 9-piece band celebrated their ‘silver anniversary’ in 2001 and have recorded 9 albums on the SAIN label, including two celebrated albums with Dafydd Iwan, which gave birth to the anthem ‘Yma o Hyd’, composed by Dafydd, and arranged and accompanied by Ar Log.
AR LOG was the first Welsh folk band to become a full-time professional outfit, and their contribution to raise the profile of Welsh traditional music has been immense, travelling as they did to many countries on several continents.

All 9 members still have a busy life in work and at home, but they ventured to Germany in 2001 as part of their ‘Silver Tour’. It was a nostalgic journey as the original members first performed in Germany back in 1976, and it became Ar Log’s second home in the early 80’s, as they returned regularly to perform, for periods of up to nine weeks at a time.

They still come together to perform, and regularly team up with Dafydd Iwan, and their “Best of” albums are very much in demand throughout Wales and beyond.
“Ar Log is one of the most durable and best-loved Welsh folk groups. The band’s extraordinary level of musicianship, manly and sensitive… and spirited clog dancing can all be experienced on their recordings…” (Christina Roden, Music Journalist, New York)

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