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Y Bandana - CopaCD013

There’s no doubt that Y Bandana attracted a lot of attention from the moment they stormed on to the Welsh music scene, two years ago. The highly energetic, half naked sets, are a magnet for young crowds from Caernarfon down to Cardiff. After performing non stop, recording sessions for C2 Radio Cymru and releasing a single back in August, Y Bandana are kick starting 2011 by releasing their début album.

The teenagers focus on issues that amuse and aggravate them, providing plenty of variety for the listeners. On the one hand, we have stories about farting cows and the evil Mr Pei, and on the other, the band discusses more personal issues; trying to impress girls, avoiding getting into fights with rough gangs, and the frustration of being treated like a child. They’re not here to philosophise or to ramble on about politics and the credit crunch. They’re here to enjoy. That’s Y Bandana’s appeal.

This is lively music at it’s best, that commands your attention and reflects the band’s mischief. Their music influences are a huge cauldron, ranging from The Beatles to Arctic Monkeys to Race Horses, all intertwining to create “tunes that are more catchy than a cold”, according to base player, Sion Meirion Owens. The jewel in the crown is the band’s mastery of their instruments, which is tighter than Father Christmas’s trousers.

Track Listing

  1. Dyna Be Di'r Son
  2. Yr Unig Beth Dwi Isio
  3. Siwgwr Candi Mel
  4. Clywch Clywch Buwch
  5. Dwi'm yn Fabi Dim Mwy
  6. Can y Tan
  7. P.R. @
  8. Anturiaethau Sali Mali
  9. Dal Dy Drwyn
  10. Wyt ty'n Nabod Me Pei
  11. Rheda am dy Fywyd
  12. Be Nawni
  • Product ID : CopaCD013
  • Label: Copa
  • Genre:
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2010



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