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Llwybr Llaethog - Mega-Tidy

Llwybr Llaethog - RASALCD007

Twenty years after their inception Llwybr Llaethog are happy to announce the release their ninth CD MEGA-TIDY featuring a host of guest vocalists from all over Wales.

Opening track – reggae ballad BOB DIM has Delyth Eirwyn on backing vocals with a nitzeian message to the chorus.

Bethesda features SUPER FURRY ANIMAL samples over a lolloping dance beat, while SATTA ym mhonycanna, GERAINT JERMAN gives an emotional falsetto performance over bass heavy 70’s style dub.

The album also features Cardiff’s Li’l MIss singing on the poppy dance track TROUBLE BUBBLES. Former founder and manager of Rounda Records (Cardiff hip hop label). Emcee and DJ, Lil Miss has performed on Radio1 – One World Live, the Session in Wales, the John Peel sessions and countless gigs across the UK.

New Hip Hop duo COFI BACH and TEW SHADY make and apperance on Dwb with a witty take on drug culture in Wales.

Debuting on thsi CD is Elliw Iwan singing on one of Radio Cymru’s favourite songs of the last few years MEDDWL an affectionate dance track with haunting uillean pipe melodies played by STEPHEN PORTER.

CHWYLDRO SAIN features the new Cymdeithas chairman MC Sleifar in fine vocal form alongside ED Holden from award winning big beat rappers PEP LE PEW.

With remixes from TEW SHADY and the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS this is an album not to be missed.

Track Listing

  1. Bob Dim (efo/with Delyth Eirwyn)
  2. Bethesda (efo/with Super Furry Animals)
  3. Satta ym Mhontcanna (efo/with Geraint Jarman)
  4. Trouble Bubbles (efo/with Li'l Miss)
  5. Vodya (efo/with Gwenno)
  6. Fflio Dub (efo/with MC Pendafad)
  7. Chwyldro Sain (efo/with Ed Holden & MC Sleifar)
  8. Meddwl (efo/with Elliw Iwan)
  9. Dŵb (efo/with Cofi Bach & Tew Shady)
  10. Vodya - Tew Shady Remix (efo/with Gwenno)
  11. Trouble Bubbles - Super Furry Animals Remix (efo/with Li'l Miss)
  • Product ID : RASALCD007
  • Label: Rasal
  • Genre: Folk
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2005



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