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Trebor Edwards - Ffefrynnau Newydd / New Favourites

Trebor Edwards - Ffefrynnau Newydd / New Favourites

New songs and favourites recorded by Trebor for the first time.

Trebor Edwards, the farmer from Betws-Gwerful-Goch near Corwen in north-east Wales, is one of the great figures of Welsh singing and recording. The number, and continuing sales, of his recordings are proof of his widespread popularity, and the irrepressible appeal of his warm personality and lyrical tenor voice. His popularity transcends national and linguistic borders, and his recordings have been sold all over the world. After some years respite from recording, here’s an album which shows that his voice is as clear as ever, and that he retains the certain ‘something’ which elevates some singers above the rest.

Track Listing

  1. Ynys Enlli
  2. Lisa Lân
  3. Werth y Byd
  4. Tyrd i'r Mynydd
  5. O'r Nef y Daeth
  6. Meddwl am Fyd
  7. Mae Yna Wlad
  8. Ymlaen â'r Gân
  9. Mae 'Nghariad i'n Fenws
  10. Tyrd at y Dyfroedd
  11. Cymru Dlos
  12. Moliant Plentyn
  13. Ellers



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