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Crasdant - Crasdant

Crasdant - Crasdant

Leading folk musicians combine to form one of the most exciting ensembles ever – complete with step (“clog”) dancing!

Since the “rennaissance” of the Welsh folk music tradition in the early part of the 20th century, the emphasis has been on the singing rather than on the instrumental side. But the last few decades have seen a growing interest in traditional Welsh instruments, and an increasing number of talented exponents of the instrumental arts. Crasdant is further proof of this new confidence amongst musicians who no longer confine themselves to accompanying singers, but who excel in creating music which is complete in itself, and who make their instruments and the melodies “talk” and “sing”. Albeit with the aid of some more modern instruments and the odd new composition, this music keeps faith with the traditional melodies and instruments such as the triple harp, the hornpipe, the accordion and the fiddle.

This album was released to coincide with Crasdant’s first tour of North America back in 1999, and both album and tour was the first of many.

  • Product ID : Sain SCD2220
  • Label: Sain
  • Genre: Folk
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 1999



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