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Maldwyn Theatre Company - Y Mab Darogan & 5 Diwrnod o Ryddid

Maldwyn Theatre Company - Y Mab Darogan & 5 Diwrnod o Ryddid

18 great songs from the 1981 musical based on the life of Owain Glyndwr, and the 1988 production based on the 1839 Llanidloes Chartist Uprising.

‘Y Mab Darogan’ recounts the inspirational leadership of Owain Glyndwr, and his campaign for Welsh independence 1400-1415. It describes the widespread apathy and despondence among the Welsh people before the uprising, and the way Glyndwr’s vision of a Parliament, Church and University for Wales inspired a nation.

‘Pum Diwrnod o Ryddid’ has a similar message, but this time based on the Chartist uprising at Llanidloes in 1839. During the first working-class revolt in the history of Britain, 3 million people signed the Charter demanding universal manhood suffrage, vote by ballot and abolition of the property qualification.

18 of the most memorable songs from these two shows are included on this CD.

Track Listing

  1. Y Mab Darogan
  2. Y Geni
  3. Cân Sycharth
  4. Y Penderfyniad
  5. Heno Sylweddolais
  6. Bedd Heb Yfory
  7. Ie, Glyndŵr
  8. Dyma fy Mreuddwyd
  9. I Be?
  10. Fy Mreuddwyd
  11. Dewch i Mewn
  12. Yn Cau Amdanaf i
  13. Dim Ond am Heno
  14. Cannwyll Ein Rhyddid
  15. Na! Na!
  16. Ar Noson Fel Hon
  17. Ar y Gorwel
  18. Muriau Moel
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  • Label: Sain
  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2000



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