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Tara Bethan - 'Does Neb yn fy 'Nabod i

Tara Bethan - 'Does Neb yn fy 'Nabod i

To anyone who knew of her upbringing, it was no surprise to see Tara on stage. Born to a family steeped in show-business, and the daughtr of one of Wales’ mpst colourful characters, performing was in the genes, and Tara achieved early success on the eisteddfod and concert stage as a gifted singer and dancer. By now that natural talent has flowered to create a mature performer; the same vivacity is there as in the early days, but it is now polished by the sensitivity of the true arsist; the same power is there, but tempered to convey subtlety as well as passion. On this her debut album, Tara presents songs almost all of which are by female composers, including some of her own, and eight compositions by Gwenno Dafydd and Heulwen Thomas, aided by some talented musicians under the experienced guidance of Peter Williams.

  • Product ID : Sain SCD2486
  • Label: Sain
  • Genre: Folk
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2005



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