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Dafydd Dafis with Pwyll ap Siôn - Ôl y Fflam

Dafydd Dafis with Pwyll ap Siôn - Ôl y Fflam

New arrangements of recent Welsh popular classics for voice and piano with the guitars of Hywel Maggs and sax of Dafydd Dafis.

Introduction by Dafydd Dafis:
While rehearsing for a concert some years ago, Pwyll and I first thought of making a recording of arrangements for voice and piano. I had already performed and recorded with Caryl Parry Jones and Steve Eaves, and was a great admirer of the songs of Endaf Emlyn and Geraint Jarman, and this recording gives me an opportunity to interpret their songs, as well as other songs less familiar to me. However, it was not my intention to create different arrangements merely as a novelty. As both Pwyll and I believe all these songs to be ‘classics’, our intention was to simplify rather than to adorn with multi-colour effects. We therefore recorded the voice and piano ‘live’, with as little re-recording and editing as possible. And when Hywel Maggs came into the studio later to add the guitar tracks, it was crucial that the ‘live recording’ feel was retained. In distilling these songs therefore, our wish was to find that spark of inspiration which was inherent in the original versions. I hope you feel we have succeeded in doing so.

  • Product ID : Sain SCD2514
  • Label: Sain
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2006



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