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Formed in 1978, Eliffant produced original material during the golden era of the Welsh language music scene.

The songs were written and sung by Geraint Griffiths, and would probably be described as melodic rock, with twinges of folk, country, heavy metal, Americana and even jazz.

When Welsh group Injaroc split in 1977, Geraint found himself band-less until John Davies a guitarist and a member of Chwys approached him with Clive Richards on bass and Colin Owen on drums. After a few rehearsals, it was obvious there was a huge hole where the keyboards should be. In 1978 Euros Lewis with his Fender Rhodes Piano turned up, and that was when Eliffant were properly formed.

The band built up quite a reputation and following, based on high production values on stage and on record, and constant gigging throughout Wales.

The high-point for the band was when Eliffant were voted Best Rock Band 1979 by the readers of Sgrech magazine. They appeared on HTV and BBC television and recorded radio spots up until 1981 when the original five-piece band fizzled out, but re-formed a few months later with Gordon Jones replacing Colin Owen on the drums. Eliffant lasted another two years, but Geraint himself launched into a very successful solo career that continues today.

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