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Mr Huw - Hud a Llefrith

Mr Huw - CopaCD006

Produced and recorded on his 8 track by mr.huw in the ‘the darkness of Nant Peris’ bone yard’ and ‘Caernarfon’s blood and sex room’, Hud a Llefrith blends dark stories with lively and happy melodies. It’s an excellent follow up to the commendable debut Llond Lle o Hwrs a Lladron, released in 2007.

Once again mr.huw deals with every day issues and creates strong images about mortality, the main theme of the album. Despite this Huw said;
“Even though mortality plays a big part, I consider Hud a Llefrith to be a positive album. I always write about dark things. My brain sometimes wanders to where it shoudn’t go, or to places where it should!”.

Mr.huw challenges genre and boundaries, combining and arranging music effectively, with great imagination and skilled musical expression. He presents bare electronic beats, sometimes hypnotic, but it is mr.huw’s lyrical and imagery skills that make him a genius.

Bethan Elfyn, the BBC Radio 1 presenter, said;
“Mr.Huw is a real character – dry humour and a very experienced musician. With his versification and his creative use of mad words, he is the closest thing to an anti-folk scene we have in Wales. Simple songs on first inspection but they hide immense darkness behind the humour – yes he scares me a little and then I’ll laugh nervously – that’s the relationship I have with mr.huw.”

Track Listing

  1. Hunanladdiad
  2. Petha Bach
  3. Ffrind Gora Marw
  4. Ofn Bod Ofn
  5. Y Dyn, Y Chwedl
  6. Mi Nath i Chdi Betha Drwg
  7. Cannibals a Rhyw
  8. Esgyrn Glân
  9. Ar Dân
  10. Stori Drist
  11. Nid Menyn yw Popeth Melyn
  12. Hud a Llefrith
  • Product ID : CopaCD006
  • Label: Copa
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2009



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